Monday, May 30, 2011

Young Victoria bracelet

Along with making other bracelets for those who joined me in this altered book page swap, I was going to make one for myself. Well, it took a year, but I finally sat down and did so.

It's a little simpler: what looks like a lot of beading is actually a piece of beaded ribbon, but because of the pearls I couldn't fit any bling on :)

There are other projects that need to be completed too, need to work on that.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Working on a swap...

In between clearing the fallen "not-ginger-but-sure-looks-like-it" branches and other yard work, I've been gluing bails to vintage rhinestone pieces for this swap:

(editing to add the image is from Karla's blog)

Hoping to mail this off on Monday. Am hoping the E6000 cures so I can do so (and that I've done this gluing on of bails thing correctly.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Mermaid painting

It's been a couple of weeks since I finished this painting, but my first chance to post about.

This is part of the La Sirena class -- well, the techniques I learned are, and the slightly more mature face of my mermaid is Suzi Blu's template. (I finally got the hang of drawing the nose, I think.)

Here she is, almost finished.

Suzi said the lines radiating out through her hair were too dark, and she's right. The gel I used to seal had darkened the gold leaf.

Some more close up images of the final painting.

Ok, confession, I did actually go back after I took these photos and add some blue water-soluble wax crayons onto the green seaweed to help them meld better with the background.

The title of the painting:

Final version (sans some blue crayon!)

See how it's shiny?

This means I'm up to the last painting. Which means learning how to draw 3/4 faces, block out a giant painting's structure and then paint the darn thing... I know exactly what I want to do, but first... back to faces....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day gifts

So now it is over a week since Mother's Day, but I've simply been too busy to sit in front of a computer and edit photos and compose a post. Well, I got as far as editing the photos. I spent the past week rehearsing and practicing for last Sunday -- where for the first time, I sang with the praise band as lead.

Yeah, it's one of those "No #$^#, there I was..." I was really nervous to start with, and it wasn't until after our offertory anthem (the only non-congregational piece, and half-way through) that I relaxed. Even though I kept telling myself it wasn't about me, it was about God... Oh my, I think I have to blog about this for my church's yet-to-be-launched blog. Hmm.

Ok, alright, here's the Mother's Day pictures. Mum had oohed and ahhed over the Texas Silver Bellas mum corsages in '09, so I thought I would make her her very own. I mostly winged it based on homecoming mum corsage instructions online.

And then Dan saw what I was doing and said his mom would like one ... Hers is a little smaller because I took the opportunity to play with these award pieces that Michael's was selling. I still used a silk flower for the center and added around the outside.

I also successfully managed to staple my thumb.

Because these are all lovely whites and creams, I'm joining in White Wednesday today!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Vision for High Tea...

Ok, so now that Blogger has stopped doing its maintenance thing, or whatever glitch it was, and now that I actually have time to type.... I thought I'd start with the most recent event and then backtrack to posts that have been waiting in draft mode.

So over a month ago, I posted about planning for a high tea. To be precise, my table that I was hostess for. (Hmm, that was a poorly worded sentence.) I took the inspiration from the Spring issue of Victoria magazine (April 2011, I think?), of their woodland table setting.

And here's what I came up with.

The ferns were gifts for those who sat at my table.

I made the wreath based on Miss Mustard Seed's tutorial on HGTV. (I should have used more glue, it got bumped around during the break-down part and I have to reglue some moss --- although it looks kinda shabby-distressed...

I got the bird's nest chargers from Pottery Barn and they were my biggest expense, by far. I had the grape wreath on hand, the moss (although I got some mood moss at Pottery Barn too). The little bird's nests were on sale at PB, and I got the tiny blue eggs from Speckled Egg (I think).

And yes, I mixed up 3.25 sets of china. (I only have 3 pieces of one pattern.)

My favorite comment was that it was like a Japanese forest, which my Mori-girl-self greatly appreciated.
(Teapot a long ago Ebay buy.)

There are some notes for next time -- like a bigger lace tablecloth -- and to bring a car-vacuum to suck up all the moss bits when I cut the sheet moss and it shed everywhere. Or who knows? Maybe I'll go for straight elegance next time....

Or take the advice of the little girl who was helping set up and make an igloo out of sugar cubes ... or a tropical forest setting... we shall see!