Saturday, January 25, 2014

The point of posting

You may have noticed that I took a wee little blogging break. No particular reason, beyond that I always take a blogging break, it seems, around December-January of each year. I've also been participating in an online course over at Abbey of the Arts: "Coming Home to the Body", which is my first tentative step towards a better incarnational understanding of God in the world, in me. (aka God's presence.)

This page of my art journal is an illustration of one wee line from the class:

Meanwhile, part of me wondered about the point of continuing this blog. The priest at my mum's church posted a link on his Facebook feed called "Social Media as a Sacrament" which made me think some more, although not in the direction the author meant. (And I confess, I whined a little bit in the comments.)

I still have blog post ideas, but is it the best use of my time when I can count my regular commenters on one hand and still have fingers left over? (And that's including my mother.)

Today I went to the funeral of a long-time parishioner. A quiet man, I'd never gotten to know him well (knew his wife better). The eulogy, as always, made me wish I knew him better. This quiet, humble man affected, even transformed, the lives of many.

So why do I care about comments and views and likes? So what if I'm not the talk of the internetz? Maybe my words, in my small, out of the way, corner here, will (or do) help bring someone closer to God.

Even if that someone is me.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My one little word for the year 2014

Yes, so I wasn't planning to do a word for the year, but after a reflection suggested by Christianne Squires in her weekly e-newsletter, I found myself with one anyway:


[updated to add, Christianne posted her reflection questions on her blog...]

And then I visited Mary Ann Moss's blog which is always a visual delight and discovered her word for 2014 which is just brilliant. Go check it out, I'll still be here ...

As I commented there, my word for 2014 seemed rather plain jane, and a word for the year should delight the palate as well as inspire the soul, and so I hit the thesaurus....


It means a system of harmonious body movement to the rhythm of spoken words, according to the online Merriam Webster dictionary.

This made sense, because I'm beginning the year with a course called "Coming Home to the Body: A Women's Journey Toward Contemplative Embodiment" on Abbey of the Arts. It fits the incarnational ponderings since Revbecca's sermon at the beginning of Advent, and it fits this realization of needing to balance, which means to listen to my body and my heart and soul and remember to take a breath already.

I'd already started a journal page for it so had to do some rethinking (like "balance" in big letters just wasn't going to cut it, and besides, how balanced is that?) and so here that is.

Do you have a word for 2014?