Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Closet Cleanout Part 2

So I slept on it, and I pulled out one of the pieces I was going to donate.

It's a sack (talk about earth mother). But it's in my favorite color.

The photo above shows the dress untied. I am wearing my street clothes underneath it.

And here it is tied (am still wearing jeans and tshirt beneath it). Forgive the foggy appearance. I need to clean my wardrobe mirrors....

And here is the detail on the bodice which is one of the main reasons I pulled it back out again. See, I could cut up this dress and use it in my purple fabric book (that's not even started yet), but it is a perfectly good dress, which was the reason why I consigned it to the toss pile. If it didn't feel so much like a sack on and if the sleeves weren't so giant, I'd keep it. (It's from Holy Clothing, btw, I have a number of their skirts and tops. Love love their skirts)

Can I do that? Can I cut up a perfectly good dress? Mum, do you want it? (And if you do, you're going to have to hem the dickens out of it, I trip over it all the danged time.)

What would you do?


miss lynn said...

first of all,
yay on the
21 pounds!!
you are so

now the dress.
cut it up!
if you will
use it as fabric,
go for it! makes
much more sense
than taking
up closet space!!!

i will miss you
at silver bella
this year!

happy day!

Robin Sanchez said...

I say cut it up........you were going to give it away right? Make something out of the wonderful fabric.


Anonymous said...

Lar you look fantastic, cut it up and then you still get to enjoy even if not as a wearable.