Monday, August 8, 2011


One less excuse to wear skirts to work (as I'm often involved in opening doors, having keys on hand was an issue), plus the iPhone pouch that I made (following these instructions, and then adding eyelets to thread chain through) makes sure my phone doesn't sit in my purse which is locked up all day!

First I collected some chatelaine inspiration on Pinterest (where you will see I had inspiration from Lilla and Dawn of the Feathered Nest!)

I bought the chatelaine pin itself on etsy. It hooks over my skirt waistband and as a smaller hook to dangle other needful things off it.

The cream doily was made by my great-grandmother (yes, well, my mother cut it up first!), there's another doily on the back.  Oh and it's 100% handsewn, including tacking on the doilies and lace because I did that after I sewed it all together.

The keys have satin ribbon between them to reduce the annoying jangling and they are attached to a fob watch chain owned by my great-grandfather.

So there you have it, my chatelaine project all done!


  1. Ooo la la - this is lovely Leanne.
    I've got an old chatelaine in my stash - somewhere.... This is a great idea.
    I followed your lead to Pinterest too!!!

  2. Fun! Chatelaines are so handy, and it's wonderful that yours has handwork from your ancestors on it!


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