Monday, April 26, 2010

Starting a Blog

I'm not a stranger to the blogging world. I'm still hiding out at LiveJournal (my first foray) at a friends-only space, and as a published author, I joined Blogger to form a group blog (now defunct, alas).

But it was sweet Jodie's easy-to-read primer that answered the lingering "wantses" of a blog. I knew it had to have a particular purpose. I won't be talking about my writing life here, for example.

And to enable others to share their gifts and talents, I've added a link in the sidebar to Jodie's little tutorial! Check it out!

1 comment:

miss lynn said...

oh leanne! i am
soo sooo happy
that you have
started a blog..
and i have no
doubt you will
fill it beauty.
you are so
encouraging and
kind...i look
forward to
this venture of
yours and will add
you to my blogroll!
happy day!