Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Getting close to 500 posts

In a few days my 500th post on this blog will go live.

I've noticed that the thing to do is to have a giveaway and do a retrospective.

So first the giveaway. It will be a piece of art (no, not an icon!) that I have made. I had this idea (may even have blogged about it) which never came to fruition because that happens with ideas sometimes.

So it'll be a 5"x5" canvas piece and will probably look something like this:

But more detailed because I haven't say down to paint it yet.

So if you would like to win it, just leave a comment, maybe about what your favorite post here has been, but it can also be a comment that says: "ooh! A giveaway!" Please be sure to leave an email I can contact you with, if you don't have a profile with an email address.

After 12 midnight on Sunday 24th November, I'll pick the winner!


This blog started when I migrated from livejournal and wanted to share pictures of whatever I was working on. I'd seen other craft blogs, especially the Where Women Create blog parties and wanted to be a part of it.

Even after all this time, I still haven't managed to take good photos of my art and my beautiful room? Needs a serious clean out.

I attempted to reboot my blog at the beginning of 2012 to form a community but perhaps I was unwilling to be vulnerable enough to let it all hang out there and so I blogged about faith, gratitude and my spiritual journey with side trips into art.

And this is where I am now with a Jewish flavor :)

Top 5 posts:

Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway!


  1. "ooh! A giveaway!" (And my most favoritist blog: What to expect when your not expecting.)

  2. Uh, oooops….the "ooh! A giveaway!" was me… Lory I just figure you have supernatural powers that will allow you to recognize my typing.

  3. I have loved all the ones on icon writing, it has been a joy to watch them built up to the finished icon.I surpose I'm pushing my luck for your mother to win. Much love anywayat


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